“Blooming News”

Since fresh flowers are a perishable item, naturally you want to maximize their “shelf life” so that you get the most “bang” for your buck!  The floral industry has changed dramatically over the past several years with many florists closing up their shops due to the economy and competition from big box stores and online floral distributors.  Purchasing flowers from a reputable florist vs. a supermarket, ensures that you will get the freshest flowers that will last longer as florists are knowledgeable about selecting the freshest blooms and have built relationships with the wholesalers who can also help ensure that only the freshest flowers are purchased.  At “Florals by Mitzi”, we ensure that your flowers are fresh and processed correctly so that you can enjoy their beauty to the fullest!  However, if you do purchase flowers from a supermarket or online distributor, there are things you can do to maximize the longevity, so stay tuned for my next blog.


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