Proper Care and Handling of Floral Arrangements–Florals by Mitzi

Florals by Mitzi has prepared a few general care and handling tips to help you maintain your beautiful blooms once they are received:

  1. Do not place your arrangement in the direct sunlight or near a warm location such as a stove or dryer.
  2. If the flowers are in a clear vase filled with water as opposed to oasis foam, you should change the water every few days and make sure the water level covers the stems.  Remove any foliage that may fall below the water line. Thoroughly wash the vase with warm soap and water and rinse well.  Bacteria tends to form in the water so this step will help to reduce the amount thereby allowing the flowers to continue drinking the water they need.
  3. If time permits while you are changing the vase water, it is helpful to rinse the stems under tepid water to remove any bacteria that can reduce water uptake.
  4. Using a clean floral knife, recut the stems about an inch or so to allow the stems to continue drinking water (this could be done once during the vase life after a few days).
  5. I like to use distilled water in vases, as it seems to stay fresh and clear longer, therefore maximizing the vase life.  You can even add a drop or two of chlorine bleach in the water.
  6. If you have floral food, add the directed amount in the water as well.

Enjoy your blooms, and remember to call Florals by Mitzi for all your floral needs.


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